Australian Trials Training Videos

These videos are from the Western Districts Trials Club.  These guys have put together great training material that is practical and humerous.  Love the accent also.

General Info

Bike Setup

Pre-trial Inspection & Checklists

How to Walk a Section

Basic Trials Techniques

Body Positioning


Full Lock- and Pivot- Turns

Wheelies on a Trials Bike

Riding in Soft Sand

Riding on Rocks

Intermediate Techniques

Hopping the Front Wheel

Hopping the Rear Wheel

Double-blips and Zaps

Using the Bashplate

Steep Climbs

Steep Descents, Drop-offs & Downhills

Advanced Techniques


Holding Pressure

Floater Turns

Jumping Gaps

Flip Turns

Which Trials Class Should I Ride?

Examples of Clubman Class

Our 'Clubman' class is in-between the Australian 'Intro' and 'Clubman' grades.  A defining feature of our Clubman class in the Cape is that no obstacle requires commitment, and every section is safe.  If you feel you cannot make it, you can always put your feet down and paddle over...

Examples of Experts Class

What the Australians rate as their 'C' grade is probably slightly harder than our 'Experts' class.  We seem to need fewer wheel hops, though that might just be due to the personalities in the Cape.

Examples of Masters Class

In Australia, the 'B' and 'A' grade riders are equivalent to our 'Masters' class.


All videos shared with thanks from the YouTube page of the Western Districts Trials Club.

If you would like to give trials a go in Cape Town, pop in to our weekly practice session on Thursday evenings from 16h30 till dark at Zonnebloem School.

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8 years 2 months

Check out the video on flip turns.  Apparently a great way to pull chicks Wink

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8 years 2 months

Now that I cannot ride, I get my fixes from some of these videos.  I forgot how entertaining they are.

And every time I watch one I learn something new (or re-learn something I forgot).

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5 years 7 months

Thanks Charles.

Thesse videos are invaluable.

Sorry i've been so scarce. Life has thrown some curve balls. Getting on top of it all slowly. 

Keep well and hope to see you soon.

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Filmed at Esk I see. Good venue. Very pretty. Esk is typical Aussie town. The farm is owned by the Wager family. Son Tom is really good. World youth level rider. Not surprising with a venue that good.

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8 years 2 months

A great venue makes all the difference.  We are lucky in the Cape with Zonnebloem for our Thursday afternoon practice.

We also have just discovered the Elgin/Grabouw Country Club which has a world of excellent trials terrain.  Our first trial there is this weekend.

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Just a word of warning, this guys monotonous voice is addictive.  I started with his cross training vids, as that was my interest before the trials bug bit.  I now can't wait for a new vid.

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In reply to by Katana

It is not so much monotonous as "understated".  His sense of humour is wicked.

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Queenslanders have a very dry sense of humour especially if they're from the country towns.

'spose you could say the same of any farmers or country folk. Some of the funniest people I've mey have Afrikaans speaking farmers. Their sense of humour is often so dry you miss it completely.

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Thanks for the links, invaluable especially if you train mostly by yourself.