Nationals Final Setup this Sunday 16th Sep

On Sunday 16th September the final stages of setting the sections will take place.

This involves the marking of the sections with danger tape and the placing of the flags. Please assist Michael and Brian with this as it will go much quicker with help. It will also be useful to all riders to know where the sections are, as on the first day of the trial the help of a few local riders will be required to show observers to their section, as well as leading the different classes to their start section.

There will also be an observer training session on Sunday. At present there are a number of unconfirmed observer volunteers (due to illness and other reasons), which means we could be short of observers, which in turn means reducing the number of sections. So if there is anyone who will not be riding but could observe, or has a friend or family member who could be trained, please let Brian know, or bring them on Sunday.

Riding numbers. All riders must have a riding number of the correct size and colour as specified in the regulations. The importance of this was again highlighted at last weekend's training session by an experienced observer who said how difficult it was to make out small numbers on the minimum of back ground colour stuck against the colour of the bike.

We also want to encourage those of you that are intending to ride to get your entries in this weekend and make sure that you have a riding number if you do not already have one allocated to you. (National numbers are allocated on application only)

Furthermore, this Sunday is a great opportunity for sponsors to come out and secure positions for their tents and banners etc. (It is not too late to become a sponsor should anyone wish to get involved.)