Nomads Motorcycle Club :: Trials Section Indemnity

Warning: This is an important document which affects your legal rights and obligations. Please read this form carefully and do not sign it unless you are satisfied that you understand the content.


I, the participant (ID number supplied):

HEREBY AGREE with the persons and organizations (hereafter called the “Organizer”) that I am by this agreement entitled to participate in a Nomads Motorcycle Club trial listed (hereafter called the “Trial”) at any venue (hereafter called the “Venue”) on the terms and conditions set out in this document. If the rider is a minor, then the parent or legal guardian must sign on his/her behalf.


I ACKNOWLEDGE that motorcycle sport is dangerous and that by engaging in the sport and participating in the trial, I take and am exposed to certain risks and dangers and am under certain obligations as follows:

a) That I may be injured, physically or mentally and may be killed.

b) That my machinery or equipment may be damaged, lost or destroyed.

c)That other competitors may ride dangerously or with lack of skill.

d)That track or event conditions may be hazardous and may vary without warning or predictability.

e) That organizers, officials, landowners/track operators and any agents/representatives of those in charge of the trial are frequently obliged to make decisions under pressure or time constraints.

f) That any policy of or in respect of my life or physical or mental health may be voided.

g)That there may be no or inadequate facilities for treatment or transport of me if I am injured.

h) That I have an obligation to myself and to others to compete safely and within the rules of the trial.

i) That I am not under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.

j) That I am medically fit to participate in this and future trial event(s).


IN CONSIDERATION of acceptance of me as a rider in the trial event I agree to indemnify the organizers and each of them in the following manners:

a) That I participate in the meeting at my sole risk and responsibility.

b) That I accept the venue as it stands with all or any defects hidden or exposed.

c) That I indemnify and hold harmless the organizers, spectators(visitors), landowner(s), the occupier(s), their servants and officials against any actions or claims of liability for any damage, loss or injury that I may suffer arising in any way out of my participation in the trial.

ORGANISER: The Nomads Motorcycle Club and any persons involved in the organisation, conduct and promotion of the motorcycle trials event or construction or location of the facilities used in connection with or otherwise related to the event, including the Cape Trials web site. Each of the respective officers, employees, servants, agents, sponsors, successors and assignees of any of the above.

Type of Event: Nomads Motorcycle club observed motorcycle trial event

Venue: Any venue where a Nomads Motorcycle club observed motorcycle trial event is organized.

RIDERS SIGNATURE (or Parent/Guardian): __________________________________________ Date: __ /___/2016