This is my first trial - what must I do?

  • Arrive around 9am, we have a riders' briefing just before 10am and start at 10am
  • There are 8 sections (they are short), and we will ride 4 laps through them
  • The first lap is done together, because we all walk the section before riding it.  During the walk we explain the various lines and options, adjust obstacles if they are too difficult or dangerous, and plan our strategies.
  • At the end of each section is a sheet where you will enter your score.  We will explain scoring during the riders' briefing if there are people who don't know it.  Otherwise, look at our FAQ on trials scoring here.
  • This is not a race - between laps you can have a break, drink some water, or ask for help/advice.
  • You will need a helmet, gloves, pants and boots.  A t-shirt is fine, though elbow-guards and knee-guards if you have them are a good idea.  One or two people wear body armour.