Quiet in here...

So I thought I'd better shake things up a bit.

I've been in the UK far too long but the Aussies are dragging the heels with $200 million investments that I need to get a job there. Being away from trials was causing an ache. Watching a trial here and there was ok but I need to ride.

A few months ago I got a call from a Kiwi mate who said he was coming over for a few years just to ride here. And in the same NW/N.Wales centre. So I committed to riding with him. Sooo, I need a bike. Moderns are expensive and I already have one in Aus. I have a Sherpa or two(ish), One in Aus and parts in my spare room in Manchester. I watched the ads and eventually a peach came up. 

Some of you may remember father and Ed Bentley bought in a top shot UK rider in the '80's. Peter Cartwright. Pete rode a Mont Cota 242 in SA and that bike made a big impression on me. I rode it in CT and in Jo'burg. So I bought one. It's not perfect but it's really clean. Spendings on top of the purchase price of GBP1,300 are GBP200. Not bad at all. Now I need a house closer to work where I can keep it and a car...mmm..a Jag estate is appealing..

Going up to Kendal in a fortnight to catch up with Pete Harrigan, Sid, Bernie, Yrjo and a few more. Mont won't be ready by then but it'll be fun watching and planning lines.

Keep well guys.





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I have also dreamed about spending some time riding in the UK.  But it is clearly an expensive endeavour.  We don't realise how good we have it in the colonies...

Right now I am unable to ride due to a compromised shoulder as a result of rolling the car.  Resent the healing time.