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Trials Riding Then and Now :: Max King

I’ve just re-read a book that I’ve had for some time. Its simply called Trials Riding, but I doubt any of you have heard of it. It was written by Max King and published in September 1955.

The reason I want to share it with you, is that it gives a wonderful insight into how things were in those days, and to show how much and yet how little things have changed.

Max wrote the book because he felt there was nothing for the aspiring rider to turn to for advice.

Xramp Bike Carrier

The bakkie died and I had to find a way to transport my bike on the Suzuki Jimny.  I thought I would have one made up by rockfox.co.za - but they directed me to xramp.co.za where I could buy one ready-made for much less.

From the minute I contacted XRamp I received prompt and good service.  I thought I would need to order a custom-sized ramp, but Marthin directed me to their standard offering and it is a perfect fit.  For just over R2k I had it delivered to my door within days.

Toni Bou Trials Technique of Riding DVD


The DVD has arrived.  I went through it like a man possessed, since my bike is in pieces, and I am getting withdrawal and the shakes...

Here is my impression:

Review of Toni Bou Trials Technique of Riding DVD

In short - I was disappointed.  This is a fair DVD if all you want to do is see some clips of Toni Bou in action.  If you are hoping to learn any trials techniques, other than what you might spot by watching Toni Bou, you will be disappointed.

Trials Training Techniques and Cross Training Tools - Ryan Young (DVD)

I have just watched this DVD borrowed from Michael.  An excellent learning tool for novices.


The DVD is not as professionally done as the Jordi Tarres one (Learning Trial) I reviewed a few months ago.  It was recorded a few years ago and the DVD production techniques are old-school.