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Trials event in SoCal USA


Today (Sunday the 27th September 2015) I drove out to the Californian Desert with my ever-enthusiatic wife navigating the way with Waze! If anyone has been here recently.. driving these freeways is a two-man affair.. It is hectic!! Anyway, we made the 2.5 hr trip up from Laguna Beach where we are staying and turned off the asphalt onto soft desert sand road in our hired Maazda..

Xtreme Sporting Weekend in Hermanus Report


This is a short story about this past weekend in Hermanus..

Getting up early on Saturday morning morning was the first trial of the day.. after conquering that little hurdle, it was downhill from there.. We met up with Mike on the edge of the old harbour and got our bikes off the trucks and trailers. Dion, Timmy and Sharon arrived to swell the numbers so we had one person from just about every echelon of trials.