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Nomads Trial Results - Welgelegen - 23rd June 2019


The sections had been set by Sean Pretorius.  The weather was windless and sunny, following a rain storm the day before.  Sections were wet and slippery.

Mike D'Aguiar was riding clubman due to his having a sore back.  He showed the clubbies appropriate lines and even had the clubmen ride some more challenging lines to help them improve their skills.

Quiet in here...


So I thought I'd better shake things up a bit.

I've been in the UK far too long but the Aussies are dragging the heels with $200 million investments that I need to get a job there. Being away from trials was causing an ache. Watching a trial here and there was ok but I need to ride.

Nomads John Fulcher Memorial Trial Results :: Oct 2018



The 25th running of the John Fulcher Memorial Trial took place in Constantia on 14th October 2018. The weather was somewhat windy with loud cracking noises from the pine trees causing a bit  of concern. The wind fortunately abated during the day and the trial got underway after the traditional moments silence with fourteen entries.

Results: Nomads Trial June 2018 - Welgelegen Farm


The trial was a huge success.  The weather was cool but the predicted rain held off until after the sections were cleared and the results announced.

This trial had 9 sections, the extra section being a hill-climb.  Since access to the hill-climb was via a narrow single-track, and Sean the organiser wanted us all to do it together for safety's sake, we all went there on the first lap and each did it the required 4 times.